Marva Collins way读书笔记

  1. The only thing all children finally wanted was the chance to be accepted for themselves, to feel some self worth. Once they felt it, children became addicted to learning, and they had the desire to learn forever.

  2. The problem is that some schools cannot strike a balance between “progressive” and “traditional” teaching methods.

  3. And I never gave homework until I was certain that the child could do it successfully. I didn’t want parents to have to help.

  4. It was one more way of teaching them about what would be expected of them in the adult world, where rewards are based on performance.

  5. The only thing standing between a young child and a difficult word is the child’s fear of it.

  6. There was no miracle or magic in what went on in our school.

  7. if you take the problems to the parent, you and the child will not learn to trust each other and work together.

  8. “You have to get down to a child’s eye level and talk directly to that child,”

  9. You can build self-esteem by continuously reminding your children that they are special, intelligent, worthwhile individuals.


This is the second english book i have fully read. All about it is how to communicate with children, even some rules apply to adults. Care, believe in, respect build the strong castle.